Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

If you're wondering about the recent lack of posts, well, it seems the dog days of summer are upon us. Our ambition at the start of this blog was to promote our website with a photo each and every day but as we reach the "offseason" (coaches always deny there is an offseason) it becomes harder and harder to keep up with relevant posts and images.

You may have noticed we recently changed the name of the blog from "The Daily Caneshooter" to "Miami Hurricanes Photo Blog." This reflects the change from our original ambition to something more realistic. As always, you can get your 'Canes photo fix by visiting, where we now have over 32,000 photos uploaded.

So what will we post during the "offseason?" Well, we are in the middle of an ambitious scanning project which should take most of the summer. From JC's start at UM in the early 1990's, progressing from student to Team Photographer, to about 2001, slides and negatives were the method of imagemaking. Re-editing and scanning the thousands of images is a time-consuming task, and as we progress through the archive we'll post some "archive finds" on the blog.

Our first example is a shot of former 'Canes RB Dyral McMillan fighting off the attempted tackle by Arizona State DB Pat Tillman (yes, THAT Pat Tillman) during a game in 1997.

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